Release: Northern Gangbang Sluts

SURREY – UK Porn Party announces the release of their newest DVD release, ‘Northern Gangbang Sluts‘, now on general release.

Following the success of their debut title ‘We Love Gangbangs’, this title features established models from the North of England such as Lexi Ryder, Jasmine Lau and Sexy Cleo in more reality sex party action, shot in swingers clubs up and down the UK.

Northern Gangbang Sluts DVD Release Front Cover

“Wow, I had more pastie smashed than Greggs and more sausage than my local butchers.”

says Newcastle born Kelly Myers, adding

“This Geordie lass has a sex addiction and my doctor prescribed me gangbangs!”

Northern Gangbang Sluts DVD Release

Leeds based SexyCleo agrees,

“We love a good sex party as much as anyone, I think that’s why I’ve shot so many with you guys now”

Directed by Robin Banks and produced by UK Porn Party, ‘Northern Gangbang Sluts‘ features established models Jasmine Lau, Lexi Ryder, Tyla Moore and Isabella Bangs, and introduces Sexy Cleo, Kelly Myers and Ella Bella.

“We’ve got so many scenes shot with lusty Northern lasses, it seemed like common sense to start putting them together. There’s no pretences with these girls, they really do enjoy a good fucking, and with as many guys as you can get together….Luckily for us!”

says Banks


For sales, contact British Bukkake Productions’ exclusive distributor Erigo Distribution Ltd, 25A Lyon Road, Hersham, Surrey KT12 3PU; phone +44 (0)1932 219 800 or email

Surfers can pick up the title at their local adult retail outlet.

Bukkake party facials for AlexxaVice and Dink Lu

Bukkake party events are rarely as much fun as this. We were joined for this party by a gorgeous pair of models; big titted ebony babe Dink Lu and tattoed stunner AlexxaVice.

Gorgeous AlexxaVice and Dink Lu getting ready for a bukkake party

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the company of AlexxaVice’s company at a previous event, and still to this day it stands up as one of the most erotic evenings we’ve ever had. This woman knows how to suck a cock and enjoy an evening as the center of attention with a bunch of bukkake party fun-loving guys.

Stunning ebony babe Dink Lu sucks cock in a bukkake party

Click here to enjoy the bukkake party video with AlexxaVice and Dink Lu in FULL and UNCENSORED.

The amazing AlexxaVice sucking black cock in a bukkake party

It was lovely Dink Lu’s first ever party with us and in fairness it spoiled her somewhat. The guys were all great, Dink and Alexxa were both horny as fuck and the two of them set about the room full of hard dicks with some gusto.

We’d seen Dink take some facials when she got in touch. She told us she loved giving blow jobs, taking facials and bukkake party fun, so sounded just our kinda woman. We love black girls anyway, so when a sexy one with a great pair of tits says she wants to come along and suck some dick? Well, we don’t turn away girls like that!

Check out this excellent bukkake party video and the accompanying gangbang session, at, party of the ukXXXpass network.

Release: We Love Gangbangs

SURREY, UK – Established gangbang party site brand ‘UK Porn Party’ announces the release of their debut DVD release, ‘We Love Gangbangs‘, now on general release.

The DVD features some cock hungry English girls in hot group sex gangbang parties with regular amateur guys. The action is hot, fast and horny with everyday guys of all shapes and sizes taking turns to bang hot chicks.

We Love Gangbangs DVD coverDirected by Robin Banks and produced by UK Porn Party, ‘We Love Gangbangs’ features a number of the UK’s more established performers such as Skyler Mackay and Bree Branning, along with Dutch superslut Linda Lush.

“We’ve got truck loads of great gangbang party content with some lovely English girls who are more slutty than they make out”

We Love Gangbangs DVD sleeve

“The gonzo nature of the sex party means theres always plenty of laughs too. Gangbangs really are the perfect night out!”

The title features newcomers Jamie Rae and Tara Spades, established performers Skyler Mackay, Bree Branning and Gina Lynn Jameson, and Dutch cum-play specialist Linda Lush.


For sales, contact British Bukkake Productions’ exclusive distributor Erigo Distribution Ltd, 25A Lyon Road, Hersham, Surrey KT12 3PU; phone +44 (0)1932 219 800 or email

Surfers can pick up the title at their local adult retail outlet.

Pornstar Skyler Mackay shows a fine body

Gorgeous Scottish pornstar Skyler Mackay joined us in this excellent set for SexyUKPornstars. She’d come all the way down to join us for a shoot with our sister site, Splatbukkake, but we felt duly obliged to grab some pics of this stunning young model before she got debauched!

Pornstar honey Skyler Mackay in stockings and heels

Click here to see more of pornstar Skyler Mackay

Stunning pornstar Skyler Mackay shows off her perfect tits Fabulous pornstar babe Skyler Mackay
We’d been looking forward to shooting stunning Sklyer for some time now but it just seemed this sexy pornstar babe had a permanently full diary. Judging by the pics we took of her tonight, it really is no surprise she’s as popular in the adult modelling community as she is with her fans.

Skyler was the absolute professional and turn up early for the shoot, with a big bag of sexy outfits, make up and her favourite lube. THIS is the kind of dedication and attention to detail we like to see of any professional pornstar 8)

We sat and enjoyed a glass of wine and chatted for ages about the sexy things Skyler had been getting up to recently on and off-camera and so we couldn’t wait to get her changed and showing off that fine pornstar body.

Suffice to say it was an enjoyable time doing sexy pics, and an equally enjoyable (and thoroughly filthy!) session for Splatbukkake, and we’re looking forward greatly to shooting Skyler again this year. Check out this sexy set on SexyUKPornstars, part of the ukXXXpass network.

Release: Tattooed Cocksuckers

SURREY, UK – British Bukkake Productions announces the release of their fourth DVD release, ‘Tattooed Cocksuckers‘, which is now on general release.

Featuring a stunning array of inked British models, a mixture of experienced girls from the current porn circuit, and also some fresh faces starting out in the business.

Directed by Robin Banks and produced by British Bukkake Productions, ‘Tattooed Cocksuckers’ features some of the UK’s best inked adult stars and event tempted Gina Lynn Jameson out of her porn movie sabbatical.

Tattooed Cocksuckers DVD frontI’ve always had a passion for decorated ladies from an early age and its not abated now I’m in my 40s“, said Banks. “Thankfully we’ve really struck gold with some of the lustiest inked girls this year- they certainly seem to enjoy dick, taking facials and getting a good fucking!

The title features newcomers Jade Wilson, Phoenix Madina and Victoria ‘Classy Filth’ alongside established performers Adreena Winters, Skyler Mackay and Gina Lynn Jameson.

Tattooed Cocksuckers DVD
For sales, contact British Bukkake Productions’ exclusive distributor Erigo Distribution Ltd, 25A Lyon Road, Hersham, Surrey KT12 3PU; phone +44 (0)1932 219 800 or email

Surfers can pick up the title at their local adult retail outlet, or online here.

Gangbang Xmas party with Gina and Tyla

This was a superb night from last years Christmas gangbang party for UKPornParty down in Bristol. Featuring stunning Gina Lynn Jameson and Tyla Moore, this sweat session of group sex was absolutely the right way to start the season festivities!

Tyla Moore and Gina Lynn Jameson get ready for a gangbang party

Click here to see this Christmas gangbang party in FULL and UNCENSORED

Sexy Tyla Moore sucks cock in a gangbang

This really was a superb night from last year. We held a Christmas gangbang party for our friends down in Bristol, shooting the lovely Tyla Moore and Gina Lynn Jameson together. Our good friend Una was also knocking around too off-camera if I remember rightly. She normally comes along to our sex parties, secrets herself away in a cosy corner and fucks the shit out of as many guys as she can get her hands on!

But we digress, this was last years SW Christmas party and also the retirement party of our good friend Tyla Moore, who has also since left the industry to pursue other business interests. (And the very best of love and luck to her. Lovely woman and good friend.)

Tyla Moore and Gina Lynn Jameson gangbang

The girls started off the evening with a bukkake session, as is now customary at our gigs. The two of them offering the most juicy blow jobs to the assembled guys, getting their cocks all rock hard and ready to spurt. It didn’t take long, in fact we had to get the guys to keep making tactical withdrawals so they didn’t spunk too early. We needed to get some quality cock-sucking footage and still had the gangbang to shoot!

The girls cleaned up and got dressed in the two sexy outfits you see in the pictures above, with Gina’s gangbang outfit consisting of a pair of lace topped fishnet stockings only, and Tyla sporting a sexy red Christmas number. She teamed this with sexy red stockings and some white leather fuck-me boots, which together looked amazing! Certainly didn’t take the guys long to get hard again and get fucking.

This really was a superb night of sucking, fucking and gangbang party fun. Check it out on, part of the ukXXXpass network.


Release: Bukkake-Loving MILFs

SURREY, UK—British Bukkake Productions has announced the release of its third DVD title, Bukkake-Loving MILFs, which is now available at retailers and e-tailers worldwide.

Bukkake-Loving MILFs features a number of lusty British models who took part in bukkake and gangbang parties around the UK in hotels, apartments and swingers clubs.

Bukkake-Loving MILFS DVD front coverDirected by Robin Banks and produced by British Bukkake Productions, Bukkake-Loving MILFs stars hot UK MILF Tiffany Morriss and a number of brand new models.

“We’ve been lucky over the last year that so many horny 30-somethings have got in touch and wanted to party with us,” said Banks. “I think everyone discovers a wider sexual appetite as they mature, and these girls really had a taste for sucking cock and taking loads of cum in their faces, luckily for us!”

Along with Tiffany Morriss, the release also features Monica Bollocksy, Summer Angel Lee, and for the first time on film, Samantha Stockings and Alice Cash.

Bukkake-Loving MILFS DVDFor sales, contact British Bukkake Productions’ exclusive distributor Erigo Distribution Ltd, 25A Lyon Road, Hersham, Surrey KT12 3PU; phone +44 (0)1932 219 800 or email

Surfers can pick up the title at their local adult retail outlet, or online here.

Gangbang party Phoenix Madina Adreena Winters

Gangbang party sessions are always great fun. Even more so, when you get to enjoy them with two such lovely, LOVELY models as Adreena Winters and Phoenix Madina.

We’re always delighted to welcome new models to come and shoot with us for Splatbukkake. Occasionally we get lucky and book a couple of stunners like these two tattoed cocksuckers. Thankfully, they got on great and were both absolutely soaking wet at the end of the shoot. Good night all round then!

Phoenix Madina and Adreena Winters get ready for a gangbang party
We’ve had the very good fortune to have shot lovely Adreena Winters before a couple of times, and she was superb. She took a break from shooting last year to concentrate on studying and we were delighted when we heard she was on the circuit again.

When we first got together, its probably fair to say I was a bit less experienced in the business. Adreena was fabulous though and to be fair, I couldn’t have asked for a better, more professional model. We had a great solo session, followed by a bukkake and a gangbang and she was amazing throughout.

Adreena Winters sucks cock in a gangbang party

Click here to see this gangbang party in FULL and UNCENSORED

Gangbang party facials to finish for Adreena Winters and Pheonix Madina

This time, I was ready and prepared for this gangbang party loving, cock sucking, spit-roasting woman and we got some EXCELLENT content.

The other model for this party was a brand new one who came to us through our good friend AlexxaVice. She knew a new model called Phoenix Madina who she said she’d love to shoot a party with. Sadly, Alexxa couldn’t make this night, so we asked Adreena if she’d like to come down instead. Thankfully Adreena did, and the boys of Birmingham enjoyed one of the best gangbang party sessions I think we’ve had for some time.

Check out this superb bukkake and gangbang at, part of the ukXXXpass network.


Site update- Technical problems and a tale of woe

As many of you will now be aware, we’ve been offline for a few days and we wanted to keep everyone in the loop about what happened.

On the evening of 5th September, the HD at our server reported a problem and was dying. The result of which meant browsing to any of our site domains didnt work and ended up at a blank screen. Our hosting provider spotted the issue and quickly brought it to our attention.

Technical problems

This is where things went wrong. We *used* to have server-side backup facilities provided by our host but that changed when they got brought by another company and that facility was no longer offered. As such, it was up to customers to arrange their own backup plans and facilities. This is fine. Its their prerogative and they informed all customers of this, so I can’t hold them reponsible.

Sadly, it was something that mentally got put into the ‘yeah I’ll sort that later’ bucket, which, sadly didn’t ever get actioned.

So, with no backup to be able to rely on, we were in a serious situation with members  not being able to access the content they’d subscribe to enjoy in good faith.

The tech guys at our host tried a number of options to bring things back to life and with varying degrees of success, but kept me informed of progress and the next options and I can’t fault his approach and thank them for it. The result of which is that on the evening of the 8th September we actually had a server re-installed with 99.9% of the data alive and well.

So, my first thanks have to go to Chris Eastman at Excellent service again and his efforts are very much appreciated.

Nearly there now. The last headache came when trying to log into the members area of the site(s) – this was failing with an error code 500 server misconfiguration error. A difficult one to diagnose because the data had been migrated across ‘as it was’ so to spot what had changed was difficult.

My second thanks have then to go to Bill at who took time out to help me diagnose the problem – which, incidentally, is  helping with issues that are not his responsibility, nor the result of the excellent software solution he provides for me. Yet he stepped in and used his expertise and insight into helping me out. Far beyond the call of duty and again we really, really appreciate that.

So, to today. We had a quick check with CCBill who helped us get over the last hurdle and we’re up and running again.

The point of all this? Well, two things.

  1. If you’ve got a website up and running, for God’s sake, make sure you’ve got contingency plans and rescue strategies in place if things go wrong. As Bill explained to me yesterday, “There’s only two people in IT – Ones who have lost data, and ones who haven’t lost data yet”. I’m now in the former category!!
  2. To thank the people who’ve helped us get over this very trying couple of days.

There’s one last thank you I have to offer and that’s to our site members. Despite a couple of days downtime, you guys took it on the chin and didn’t come marching to my door, pitchforks in hand, ready to bash my door in. For that, Im eternally grateful and restored my faith in ‘Joe Public’ as being a decent, patient guy after all!


Release: The Corruption of Pixiee Little

DVD #2: The Corruption of Pixee Little

SURREY – Following on from the success of their debut release ‘Cum Covered Cuties’, British Bukkake Productions announces the release of their second title, ‘The Corruption of Pixiee Little‘, which is now available on DVD.

Featuring UKAP Award winning pornstar Pixiee Little, the DVD shows this sexy girl’s first forays into the adult industry, going from fresh faced newcomer to a lover of bukkake parties and gangbangs.

Directed by Robin Banks and produced by British Bukkake Productions, ‘The Corruption of Pixiee Little’ stars Pixee Little herself along with fellow British starlet Grace Harper, and for the first time Porscher Wells, Claudia and Violet Vulgarity. For box art and cast list click here.

Pixee came to us as a very inexperienced fresh-faced model, but with huge potential and an ambition to be a success in the adult business. She really threw herself in with some gusto and found a real appetite for reality group sex, luckily for us!

Following her debuts shown here, Pixiee Little then went on to shoot with many of the top UK production houses, culminating in being awarded the UKAP Award in 2016 for Best Newcomer.

Obviously before my first bukkake/gangbang shoot I was nervous at first, as anyone would be! But to be honest, we all love a good fucking, right? It’s just that I seem to have gotten a taste for a LOT of cock at the same time!

>>> CLICK HERE <<< to buy your copy of this excellent production.

Contact Pixiee Little
Twitter: @PixieeLittle

Interview: Masked Maya

Every now and then a surprise comes along, and this pocket rocket Masked Maya is just one of those surprises. This sexy young 21 year old is a stunning local model who found us on one of the model forums we frequent, got in touch and we chatted about how we could work together. A few days later, she turned up, tuned in and get fucked all ends up in one of the hottest little mini-parties we’ve ever held.
We wanted to know more about this gorgeous young woman so we thought we’d conduct and share with you a little interview with her. Check it out.
SB: We LOVE Asian models and are always delighted when a gorgeous new one comes along, its just a shame they are so few and far between.  Why do you think this is?

MM: Personally i think this is down to the mentality of Asian families, the taboo surrounding porn and working with guys who aren’t Asian.

SB: That’s a shame, but understandable I guess. Okay, so when did you lose your virginity? Is there a good story behind it?

MM: I was 16, and lets just say it wasn’t all that great but I knew no better lol

Sexy Masked Maya in lingerie and fishnets

SB: What are you like in your daily life? What are your hobbies and interests?

MM: To be honest I’m genuinely just as naughty in daily life, in fact I’m always horny haha. Although I do enjoy going to the gym…..

SB: Did you watch much porn before your shoot with us? And if so, what do you enjoy?

MM: I had watched one or two clips in the past just to see what it was like. I’d always enjoyed Faketaxi and it’s crazy that I’ve now done my own fake taxi shoot!

SB: It’s fair to say a bukkake party with a bunch of hard-cocked random strangers is something outside of most peoples sexual ‘norms’. Tell us a bit about your sexual journey up to now, and how you came to the decision to party with us.

MM: I have had a couple of ex-boyfriends and my current partner, but other than that I haven’t really had a big sexual journey, so for me it’s both feet in at the deep end really lol

Sexy Maya shows off her peachy fine ass
SB: You’ve just shot your first bukkake and gangbang shoot party with us. How did you find it? Was it what you expected, or different in any way?

MM: I’ll be honest before the shoot I was sooo nervous! I’d never had a gangbang full stop, let alone on camera!! But once we began I loved it. A good full hour of hard sex and 5 guys having their way with me was just so hot.

SB: Youre right there Masked Maya – the guys haven’t stopped going on about it since 8) Anyway, which part of the experience did you find most enjoyable, and why?

MM: Err….. I guess I enjoyed the fact it was non-stop for almost an hour and I loved the feeling of the double vaginal penetration, something I didn’t think was possible in my wildest dreams.

SB: Yeah when the regulars get going like that, they think everyone is an experienced pornstar – good job you enjoyed it then!!! A lot of our members LOVE models to be wearing sexy outfits or lingerie when in our videos. What’s your favourite piece of sexy-wear, and why?

MM: My fave outfit would be my tiny schoolgirl outfit….lets just say it gets attention 😉

Gorgeous Masked Maya loves stockings and leather

SB: Everyone who we’ve asked enjoys different parts of their time with us. What did you enjoy most? Being in front of the lights and a camera? Bring the center of attention in the bukkake? Lots of horny sex in the gangbang, or the post-party glass of wine and chill-out?

MM: I loved being the center of attention- its so empowering for a woman. And the sex, can’t forget the sex!! …. And the variety of guys, that was great too.

SB: Where do you see yourself in, say, 5 years time? Doing more adult stuff professionally?

MM: Hopefully I become more popular and yeah I hope to be doing a lot more stuff; I’m only 21 so I’m here to stay.

SB: Glad to hear it Maya! Given that you’ve done your first adult video with us, what advice would you give any new model who wants to try it for themselves?

MM: Errrr….. good question. Seeing as this was only my second porn shoot, I would recommend any girl considering it to genuinely just do it. The guys were so amazing and I felt super comfortable within 5 minutes. and the best tip I can give is just relax and enjoy the ride. [SB: Edit – we agree with the sentiment of Masked Maya’s reply, but we’re also professionals and have a good reputation in this field. We suggest *ANY* model wanting to get into the business to conduct a little due diligence. Find out about who you’ll be working with, ask for references and get a good idea of the standards and professionalism of anyone you’re going to be working with. We enjoy the industry, We want models to enjoy the industry. Check people out!]

Sexy Masked Mays in here debut nbude scene for SexyUKPornstars

SB: Okay, now the quickfire round – one/two word answers please Maya

Favourite TV show?

MM: Eastenders (hangs head in shame)

SB: Favourite perfume?

MM: Midnight Fantasy

SB: Spit or swallow?

MM: Swallow

SB: Length or girth?


SB: Bath or shower?

MM: Shower

SB: Red, White or Rose?

MM: Rose

SB: Favourite sexual position?

MM: Doggy or reverse cowgirl

SB: Indian or Chinese?

MM: Chinese

SB: OKay Maya, HUGE thanks for doing this little interview. We’ll certainly be shooting you again and hopefully for many more years to come.

Follow Masked Maya on Twitter – @masked_maya

Or check out more of the very sexy Masked Maya at her shoots for Splatbukkake and SexyUKpornstars, part of the ukXXXpass network.


Gangbang party with stunning Jessica Loveitt

This gangbang party session is a bit of a trip down memory lane for you all in this update for UKPornparty. This update features a couple of ladies who were real favourites for us on the site (and in our personal life) , namely Jessica Loveitt and Trinity Thomas.
Trinity and Jessica get ready to enjoy a gangbang party Jessica and Trinity enjoy some girl-girl fun before a gangbang party

Click here to see more gangbang party fun with Trinity and Jessica

Spit-roasting sexy Jessica Loveitt at a gangbang party
So what happens at a gangbang party?

These two lovely ladies were two of the lustiest ladies we ever met, and both great fun. When it came to a gangbang party shoot at our local swingers club, Jessica and Trinity were top of the list of girls we’d call upon.

This sexy scene was shot at a swingers club in Sheffield called ‘La Chambre’, where we spent many a happy evening. The girls were horny right from the off and so wasted no time on enjoying each other’s rock hard bodies.

As you can imagine, the guys standing around were all hard as rocks now and couldn’t wait to get started in the gangbang. The girls spread out a little so they could get plenty of guys each, sucking cocks and getting fucked, often at the same time. Jessica’s particular favourite is she loved to get a spit-roasting, with one guy fucking her tight Polish pussy from behind, while she sucks off another guy.

Trinity was pretty much set up the same way for the duration of the night, with guys plugged into her tight little fanny, while she sucked off another, and wanked off two more with her hands. What a woman!

Frankly, I don’t know how many guys could stand a night full of fucking these two because I think I’d have popped my load within minutes, but ho hum, what can you do? Anyway, check out this hot gangbang party with two LOVELY ladies, at UKPornParty, part of the ukXXXpass network.

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